Inspired by the scrapping efforts of students during World War II, Get in the Scrap! is a national service learning project for students in grades 4-8 all about recycling and energy conservation. Your students have the power to affect positive change on the environment; much like students 70 years ago played a positive role on the Home Front in securing victory in WWII.


Get in the Scrap! will give your students experience with the following skills:

Energy Conservation

Have you noticed that our logo has a wagon? Do you know why? During WWII, children like you went around their neighborhoods collecting metal, rubber, and paper items so they could be turned into things to help fight and win the war. If you saw a kid pulling a red wagon along, you could be sure he or she was “Scrapping for Victory!” Our wagon is green, because green is the color for conservation of the Earth’s natural resources.

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December Classroom of the Month— Get in the Scrap!

Each month the Museum will feature a standout classroom participating in Get in the Scrap! Get in the Scrap! is a national service learning project about recycling and energy conservation, inspired by the scrapping efforts of students during World War II.  Each class featured has done stellar...

Service Learning to Start the School Year!

With schools back in session, we say welcome to a second year of the Museum’s service learning project, Get in the Scrap! Inspired by the scrapping efforts of students during WWII, Get in the Scrap! encourages today’s students to become environmental stewards with fun classroom...

Get in the Scrap! Wrap-Up

The school year has officially reached a close, and with that came the end to the first year of The National WWII Museum’s Get in the Scrap! service learning program on May 31. This project, which took each school about 1 to 3 months to complete, focused on the importance of recycling and...

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